• We seek to solve issues for agriculture industry in Africa.

    and contribute to our society as sustainable businesses.

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    Connecting farmer to market ​

    supply a platform which gives farmers and vendors optimized profit,

    and provide safe, fresh vegetables and fruits for all consumers.

    YasaFi is a tech platform engineered by AmoebaX to solve poor accessibility between farmers and vendors. We provide an efficient system for them with the aim of creating bigger social impact in Kenya.


    red onion / Ginger / sweat potato / garlic

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  • Team

    Kunihiko Kawano

    CEO & Founder

    Kuni is the founder of AmoebaX in May 2017. Prior to founding AmoebaX, Kuni worked as an HR manager at YOYO Holdings. YOYO Holdings. that provide "FREE INTERNET" based on the Philippines and expanding SEA that including Indonesia, Vietnam, India. Kuni believes in the potential of African market so that he moved Kenya and founded AmoebaX. Kuni graduated with a B.A. in Education from Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan.



    Ayumu joined AmoebaX in November 2018. He previously worked at advertising company in Tokyo, Japan for 5 years as a sales and promotion producer. Ayumu was in charge of several clients and produced print, film, digital advertisement and events. After leaving the company, he moved to Australia and then traveled all over the world for 1 year and 3 months. Ayumu graduated with B.A. in International politics and economics from Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan.

    Ngina Kabicho

    General Manager

    Ngina joined AmoebaX during it's start up stages in late 2016, before it was officially incorporated in May 2017. She previously worked as the Assistant Project Manager at Xtranet Communications Limited. Ngina holds a Bsc degree in I.T, as well as CCNA and ACCA qualifications. She also holds a Bsc from Oxford Brookes University and is currently pursuing a Msc at the university college London (UCL).

    Samwel Njora

    Purchase Manager

    Samwel joined AmoebaX on 18, June 2017. Before joining AmoebaX, Samwel worked as a Research Assistant at SBO Research Limited. Samwel graduated with a B.Sc.(Mathematics), Statistics and Operations Research major from University of Nairobi. Samwel believes in Research and technology to monitor product performance from the source to end consumer and to explore the available opportunity in the exiting channels.

    Solomon Ruhiu

    Purchase Manager

    Solomon joined AmoebaX in September 2017. Prior to joining AmoebaX , Solomon worked as a communications director at Young Achievers Network and Future Leaders Kenya. Solomon is a strong believer in building strong sustainable solutions for betterment of communities and livelihoods. Solomon graduated with B.A International Relations and Diplomacy from Technical University of Kenya.

    Milyanne wanjala

    Sales Manager

    Millyanne joined AmoebaX in April 2018. Before joining AmoebaX, she worked as an office administrator at City Hall Nairobi. She is a dedicated and self motivated individual aimed at advancement in knowledge and effective delivery. She holds a bachelor's degree in Information Sciences.

    Cindy Godiah

    Sales Manager

    Cindy joined AmoebaX in April 2018. Before joining AmoebaX, she was a Bsc. student at The University Of Nairobi.During her time in the university she was the academic secretary of the students body. She has worked at Wilson airport as an analyst in the meteorological department. She aims to bring her educational skills, personal attributes of enthusiasm and integrity to fulfill organizational goals.

    JANE Immaculate

    Sales Manager

    Jane joined AmoebaX in February 2018. Prior to joining AmoebaX, she attended Strathmore University where she studied Informatics. In University, she was part of Aiesec Strathmore governing body which held the top position in Africa in making change to the community. In addition, she worked as an IT intern at Jomo Kenyatta airport. Also, she is an expert of mobile applications and has knowledge in Python, Linux and Java languages. She is passionate about helping people being the best version of themselves and smiling too much.

    David otieno

    Sales Manager

    David joined AmoebaX Ltd. in May 2018. Prior to this, he worked in the Department of Public Communication for the Parliament of Kenya as a public communications officer .He holds a Bachelors’ degree in international Relations and Diplomacy from The Technical University of Kenya and is a strong believer in the power of relations and diplomacy in shaping the world’s political and socio-economic future.

  • Recruit

    We are looking for the Customer success & Sales internship as a founder member in Nairobi. If you are interested in liberal startup environment, please free to contact us.

    Customer Success & Sales Internship - Nairobi, Kenya

    Here are the kinds of skills we’re looking for

    Your duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to;

    - Get new suppliers from around East Africa( Mainly Kenya and Tanzania)

    - Basically, can work not only in Nairobi but is also available for temporary stays in other areas e.g.westpokot, Isiolo, Nyeri, Oloitoktok, Tanzania etc.

    - Negotiate prices from supplier due to fluctuating prices in different seasons

    • Manage supplier and labor to ensure our products maintain our quality standards

    • Maintain good relationships with our suppliers, and frequently gather feedback and any other relevant information

    • Managing relationships with our customers including but not limited to; Responding to and resolving customer complaints/concerns via phone in a quick and effective manner

    • Assist in operations management e.g taking of orders, ensure proper distribution to the customers

    • Maintain accurately and up to date records of customers and relevant information pertaining them

    • Gather customer feedback and compile reports on overall customer behavior/ concerns etc

    • Attract potential customers by answering product and service questions when approached by potential customers.

    • Keep record of resolved issues/concerns

    • Direct any unresolved issues or concerns to the operations manager

  • Contact

    golden mile,nairobi
    +254 798 406370
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