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CEO:Kuni's interview has published on "Aftech"  

Japanese web media "Aftech" covered a story about KUNI

Our CEO, KUNI got interviewed by Japanese Web media

called "AFTECH".

AFTECH has started in 2018 and they focus on African startup, technology news in Japanese.


AF TECH mainly delivers information on startups that are innovating on the continent of Africa.

Particularly in Africa there are still places where legal development is inadequate,

and services that are unthinkable in Japan are born.

For example, a service that drone-blood transports, remittance service using a telephone line, and so on.

We will deliver fresh information and realistic voice from the African field

so that Japanese people can update Africa's information.


Kuni was interviewed and talked about his goal, and company's goals.

and also talked about how he started his business in Kenya.

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