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company statement is revised!

our mission, vision and values

We have just revised our company statement such as Mission, Vision and Values.

1 and half year has passed since we started our business,

and reconsider them again with our enthusiastic members!

Let us explain about definition of them at first.


What we pursue permanently to contribute our Society.

It’s our unchangeable IDENTITY in next 100 years.


Key goals and milestones to achieve our Mission.


Our standards and values as a member of AmoebaX.

and be used as an indicator during recruiting and feedback meeting.

We created it both of as a company, and service ( YasaFi ) . Vision is mentioned with timelines, such as in next 5 yeas, 10 years.



MISION of AmoebaX Ltd.

We seek to solve issues for agriculture industry in Africa.

and contribute to our society as sustainable businesses.


supply a platform which gives farmers and vendors optimized profit,

and provide safe, fresh vegetables and fruits for all consumers.



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・Be “Amoeba”.

- As an individual, team and organization, Keep changing like an Amoeba.

trying boldly and learning from a mistake. Maintaining the status quo is going backwards.

・Be Humble.

- Respect and trust others. Pursue growth and learning.

・Be Adventurous.

- Be out of one’s comfort zone. Enjoy difficulties and Choose the harder way.

・Be Open

- Build open and honest relationships with interactive communication.

・Be Professional.

- Have responsibility over every single detail. Do one’s best for goals of the team.

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